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The history of Botanicus company starts in 1992, when the company was founded in a village named Ostra, near to Prague, Czech Republic. On this peaceful land you can find our 30 hectares organic garden where almost all the raw materials are grown for our products. This way we can focus on our three basic values starting from the cultivation till the packaging of our product: organic cultivation, traditions and high quality standards. We are happy that after the successes of our shops in Asia our products are available at more and more places in Europe. Besides Czech Republic you can purchase Botanicus products in few neighbouring countries. After Vienna and Schaffhausen our first shop in Hungary was open on the 8th of May 2014 in Budapest city centre.

  • Hand made

    The majority of products are hand made. Modern technology is employed, where necessary, to meet and exceed global standards and requirements but traditional values are at the core of everything we produce and Botanicus cosmetics contain the highest possible quantity of plant material. We grow high quality plants and herbs that are totally organic. We create our range of products in as traditional a method as we can and have the highest possible standards of production and presentation.
  • Quality & Originality

    The Botanicus range has grown into original, inspiring and practical products, all made on ecologically sound principles, using local skills and materials. In the village of Ostra near Lysa nad Labem, a place where the world of plants is harmoniously woven into the lives of everyone who visits and works with Botanicus. Botanicus cosmetics contain the highest possible quantity of plant material.
  • Products

    Natural cosmetics and food production comes from our garden. Other product ranges include dried plants, candles, handmade paper, etc. When creating our products, we always strive to reach the highest possible proportion of natural ingredients such as extracts and essential oils. We also develop products that do not rely on preservatives; the first is a collection of sheanut butter products, Dead Sea mask, a range of Bio soaps and an Aromatherapy range. Food products that carry the Botanicus name come from our gardens, and are cooked, processed and produced in small batches. They can genuinely be classed as “handmade”. With the raw ingredients either grown by us or sourced nearby, then sold from us, this fits perfectly with our ethical and ecological principles.

    COSMETICS (Our online shop represents appr. 50 % of our product type available in the shop at the moment, so is worth to visit us or contact online for further information) soaps/ body and massage oils / bath salts / bath treats / lip balms / herbal cleansing waters / essential oils and their mixtures / face and body creams / lotions / treatment creams

    FOOD ( Currently is available only in our shop, not online) honey / marmelades / tea / cordials / mustards / chutney / oils / vinegars / mead

    PLANT RANGE ( Within a range you can find the whole scale of cosmetic products from soaps till shampoos from the same plant) Rose range / Shea butter range / Calendula range / Lavender Range / Aromatherapy range / Tea tree range


 Phone:+ 36 30 545 9830

 Address: 1125 Budapest, Virányos út 24/a

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