Why Botanicus?

We grow high quality plants and herbs organically in our organic garden in the village of Ostra located appr. 40 km north Prague. We create our range of products in as traditional a method as we can and have the highest possible standards of production and presentation. The organic gardens at Botanicus have both decorative and production sections that compliment each other and create harmony. We do not permit commercial fertilizers, chemical sprays or other growth stimulants. The soil is rich and naturally pure.

Since 1992 the Botanicus range has grown into original, inspiring and practical products, all made on ecologically sound principles, using local skills and materials. Botanicus never concentrated on strong marketing campaign  nor on purchasing international bio certificates though several products are bio standards, got a more certificationn and became well known worldwide.

Besides Czech Republic, you can find in other European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany), but is especially popular in Asia and in the United States. Despite the popularity using local skills and handmade procedures is always the most important factor  in company’s philosophy and still have the  “family -sized” characteristics the same time satisfying huge demand. Thanks to the fact of no mass production can happen that certain product is not available immediately as we are preparing your order carefully by handwork based on the available ingredients and we deliver you as soon as possible.


Our products

Our product ranges are: rose, lavender, marigold, shea butter, patchouli and tee tree but we are producing from many other bio raw materials skin care products: soaps, face and body creams, lotions, treatment creams, bath salts, massage oils, essential oils, masks, lip balms  and food products too.

In case of any question of production please contact us on our mail address: office@botanicus-budapest.hu

Currently we are selling Botanicus products in Hungary via our webshop and at some partner shops, delivery in Budapest is free of charge. In case you would like test any of our products please reserve a meeting at our showroom!